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We supply products like Rice , Grains, Pulses, Spices, Oil & Other Groceries

About Us

Rajarajeswari Rice Trading company, the leader in trading Rice and other commodities. We relay our Basic Principle of “Delivering the excellence by the quality of products we trade”.

Excellence in quality and trust

Over the last 25 years in the business with excellence in quality and trust, We have gained the values of customer’s confidence with impeccable records of delivering quality products on time with the fulfilled service.

Valuable and generous clients

We are overwhelmed with our valuable and generous clients more than 25 in number for supporting us all these years, and they made us set our standards high for our unique and ISO standards to approach we practice.

Our Products

Rice Varieties
Rice, cleaned and sorted at our own processing unit by adopting quality methods with high in quality and free from any sort of impurity and affordable price.

Grains has a narrow geographic land base of production as compared to other pulses and We have established ourselves as the prominent Grains Suppliers in Chennai.


Pulses, a part of the legume family are also referred as dry edible seeds also We have established ourselves as the prominent Suppliers in and around Chennai.


Food without spice is tasteless, here we distribute finest qualities to the consumers and the list of spices we export are as follows.


We sell Oils which have Quality assurance and customer satisfaction which are processed with guarantees high quality & purity.

We sell a market ready-to-drink nutritional supplement that is a good source of vitamins & minerals. The dry fruits we supply are hygienically processed.

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